How confused are you about good bugs and bad bugs? The thought of bugs inside our bodies can make our skin begin to crawl…and I bet you’re scratching right now.
Our bodies are hosts to bugs, some good and some…not so good.
Bugs affect our energy, our immune system and how well we think. They affect how well we absorb our food, including vitamins and minerals and even how well we sleep.  The bad ones alter our natural ph, deprive our body of essential nutrients and our mood. They live and feed off of us, so don’t you think it’s time we met?
The first thing to understand is that we want to encourage the good bugs as much as possible. They support our body and are hiding in plain yogurt, refrigerated saucerkraut, and kimchi. You can pick them up in bottles of kombucha or fermented apple cider drinks. They are good for your gut, immune system and battle viruses to keep us vibrant.
The bad ones., also known as parasites…they’re another story. They can be hiding in bad quality food, picked up from a dirty door knob, insect bites, even from water. They can grow from stress, alcohol and sugar and alter our hormones. They can lead to disease and cancer and drain our bodies of vitality. So where do you start?
Well…the battle to fight them starts with you. If you think you might be a host to a parasite or are unsure, you need to be your own detective. Even if you have tested positive, I have some natural treatments to share.
And don’t forget…
The battle is worth fighting! It will boost your immune system, and health, ward off future parasites, improve your mood, hormones and vitality.

Paying attention to how you feel is critical when improving your health.  You have all the power!

Here are some symptoms to look for;


Abdominal Pain

Unexplained Weight Loss


Feeling nervous or anxious

Changes in Behaviour

Chronic Digestive Issues


Autoimmune Disorder Diagnosis or Flare Up

Iron Deficiency or Anemia

Natural approaches can help eliminate a parasite by first killing it, flushing it out along with the toxins that caused them and repair the body.

Here are some tips to get rid of parasites and begin repairing your body.  I would recommend that you follow this recommendations below for 2 weeks and reassess.

  1. Eliminate all sugars: Sugar is food to parasites, so all sugars must go.  All fruit, sweeteners, honey, maple syrup,  cane sugar, molasses, pop, candy etc.
  2. Eliminate all carbs and processed foods: Carbs feed sugar, so carbs will feed the parasite.  Processed foods have hidden sugars and are not beneficial to your body while you heal.
  3. Eat high fiber foods: Fiber eliminates parasites and moves them out!  Vegetables like broccoli, beans and cabbage along with healthy fats in avocados are a good bet.  Include lots of homemade soups and salads and make your own salad dressing without sugar.
  4. Add flax, hemp seeds and chia seeds: These Omega 3 essential fatty acids will move out the parasites too and help you to start healing your gut and improve your mood and digestive health.
  5. Add green juice: A green juice is cleansing and immune boosting so aim for 1 day.
  6. * Supplement: The list of supplements below will help kill and eliminate the parasite.

Rotate the list of supplements/herbs below. Be your own detective and do what feels right for you!

    1. Raw Garlic – Eat fresh garlic as often as you can.  Add to salad dressings or stir fries but don’t cook the garlic!  Keep it raw or take Garlic Capsules Kyolic Garlic 2 capsules 3x day with meals
    2. Grapefruit Seed Extract: 10 drops in a glass of water or capsule 2x daily for 21 days or more.
    3. Oregano Oil: 2x daily for 21 days or more.
    4. Wormwood and Black Walnut: 3x day for 21 days
    5. DoTerrra Essential Oil Blends: In water or a veggie capsule add: 2 drops lemon, 2 drops clove, 2 drops thyme. Take 2x day. (Only certain brands & types of Essential Oils can be ingested, please check labels and the manufacturer) 

Rebuild your body with a daily probiotic taken in the evening away from other medications.  Probiotics keep your digestive system strong and keep your gut healthy.  It will also fight any future parasites.

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*Please consult your physician on dosage amounts and drug interactions.