Do you look at all the Instagram and Pinterest posts and wonder how people keep it all together?  How they all look healthy and happy and wonder what’s wrong with your life? I have a secret to share with you…they’re just pictures.  True health and life happens when the cameras are turned away and someone stops to put their phone down to have a real human to human conversation.

The top ten things you could to have the maximum impact in your life starts with human to human conversations.  Studies have shown that women live longer because of their circle of friendships.  Friendships are stress busting sessions.  We can rely on, cry on shoulders, laugh and relax with our besties.  So the number on thing you could do today is call your best friend and go have a coffee, or wine, or sushi, or all of it!

The second least expensive thing you can do for your help is keep in touch with family.  I know some families are tough but it doesn’t have to be “family” in the mom, dad, siblings sense. It would be aunts and uncles, cousins or close friends or neighbours that you know and love enough, to call them family.  Go ahead and book a nice meal or bbq with your family. The time together gives your body what it craves,  more human to human contact which will fill you with our addictive feel good hormone, endorphin.

Studies have shown that women live longer because of their circle of friendships.  Friendships are stress busting sessions

So yes, relationships are key and they are inexpensive to maintain.  They keep us happy, sharp and make us feel renewed but what else can help? The next best thing you could do for yourself is well, you.  You need to put yourself in the centre more often.  It’s not selfish but actually science.  We need time to recharge, to become centered and grounded. Start mediating and just listen to the sounds around you.  It doesn’t need to be fancy.  Find a quiet place sit, either close your eyes and listen to sounds or look out a window and daydream. Kids have it all figured out…somewhere we got lost and forgot to daydream.


Daydream like a little kid, it’s your new secret weapon!

Water is your next health tip, followed by eat less sugar, drink less caffeine.  So drink more water, herbal teas and coconut water.  Our body is made of water and need replenishing to keep everything flowing.  Sugar is pure junk and really has no place in our lives, except in delicious fruit.  Eat your fruit and cut back everywhere else.  Caffeine is okay in moderation, so aim for 1-2 cups a day including caffeinated teas.

The last four health tips fall into best practices when it comes to food.  Add more essential fatty acids into your diet.  They can be found in flax seeds or flax meal, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and kidney beans. They help with mood and brain function!  Eat more fish and crustaceans. Salmon, cod, lake trout, perch, lobster, crab and local shrimp or pink shrimp from argentine are your best choices. Eat more plant based protein like beans, nuts and seeds.

Finally EAT your veggies!  These are live vibrant foods that need to be eaten with every meal, including breakfast.  Do you like smoothies?  Add some romaine lettuce to your next smoothie, you’ll never know it’s there.  Eat leafy greens daily and eat a rainbow of colours.  Eat colour represents a different vitamin or mineral, so variety is the key.

You have the power now to easily and inexpensively transform your health.  At I Can Cook we love transforming lives to live vibrantly.  Our coaching programs start with a free 20 minute call.  Book one today and start to feel better, look better and sleep better.