So you’ve decided to eat better, to eat food that’s more nutritious and wholesome.  Do you know where to start?  Ready to take a peak inside and learn some quick and easy tips? It all starts with your cupboard and what’s lurking in your freezer.

Not knowing where to start is the number one cause for not starting at all.  Knowledge is power and food is powerful.

Well let’s start where it all began…water.  If you drink more water you can truly transform your life. It’s the component for all the bodily fluids, blood, lymph, digestive juices, urine, tears, sweat.  You get the point, right?  Most of us don’t get enough and our needs vary person to person. Chances are though, you’re not getting enough. So start here.  Drink more water, herbal teas and coconut water too.  Add a little lemon juice to a glass of water first thing in the day.  The early morning lemon water actually attaches itself to toxins in your body and is a perfect way to start the day.


Not all water is equal !

Since water comes from many sources, including our food, it might be difficult to know where to start.  The most important thing at the beginning is to just start!  If you want to know more about what kinds of water are best check out an earlier post here.

Caffeine is something that you should reduce when you’re moving toward a more healthy lifestyle.  You don’t need to give it up completely but for every cup of caffeine your reducing your water intake and it reduces calcium in your body too.  Aim for 1-2 cups maximum each day.

We’ve heard a lot about sugar lately and everyone should be cutting back.  Too much sugar can destabilize sugar balances in the body, raise unhealthy fat levels and can be as addictive as street and pharmaceutical drugs The best thing you could do for your body is to reduce sugar consumption.

Sugar goes by many names and is hidden in many packaged products.  Look for: glucose-fructose, fructose, lactose (milk sugar), xylose, sucrose, cane sugar, sugar beets, maltose, coconut sugar…there are lots of different kinds.  Stevia is the only “natural” sugar that is doesn’t affect the metabolism and is safe in packaged foods. Stevia can be purchased in powder form and liquid and is 10x stronger than regular sugar so be careful when baking with it.

The third thing is what’s lurking in your freezer?  If it’s frozen veggies…eat them!  You really could never eat too many salads or make enough home make soups so throw a handful of some frozen veggies into a bowl of homemade broth. Makes a quick healthy lunch or supper.

If you have any “bad” stuff in your freezer? You know, the quick pre-made hydrogenated oil things we really shouldn’t be eating?  Well stop buying them and only eat what you have as a last resort.  I’m not going to tell you to throw food away but just know that it is harmful stuff.

Now go drink some water, cut back on your sugar and pre-packaged food and eat your veggies .  Your body will love you for it!

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