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Taco Seasoning


Many taco seasoning packages contain added salt, preservatives and inflammatory promoting, processed vegetable oils - so let's make our own! The worst preservative in taco seasoning

Taco Seasoning2020-05-12T15:41:17+00:00

Pizza Dough


WHAT MEAL IS GUARANTEED TO GET EVERYONE HELPING IN THE KITCHEN? If you guessed Pizza?  You're right! A 5 ingredient pizza dough recipe and comes together in one hour!!

Pizza Dough2020-04-28T13:31:33+00:00

Soup Stock


Soup is a deeply nourishing dish.  It's full of vitamins and minerals that our body is craving.  My favourite part?  It's adaptable to what you have in the fridge, freezer or pantry...there are

Soup Stock2020-04-17T13:50:18+00:00

Protein Balls


Who doesn't love a good carry along snack?  These protein balls are full of omega 3's which boost our brain health.  They're perfect for anytime of day as a quick breakfast with coffee or

Protein Balls2020-03-30T14:30:21+00:00

Fast Smoothie Mix


On the road?  Need a quick breakfast or lunch idea?  How about a smoothie?  We love smoothies in our home. A good smoothie can carry you for hours and with the right container, you

Fast Smoothie Mix2019-12-05T15:45:00+00:00

Chrispy Cheese Crackers


Ready for a 3 ingredient snack/cheese cracker that is so tasty, it's not just for the kids anymore?  Not only do you get to control the heart healthy whole grains... but you can choose

Chrispy Cheese Crackers2020-04-21T13:41:39+00:00

BBQ Sauce Sticky & Sweet


A long weekend means long sunny days and lots of food on the bbq. I don't know about you, but I love sticky sweet chicken or ribs that sticks to your fingers and falls

BBQ Sauce Sticky & Sweet2019-05-16T14:16:07+00:00

Dandelion Weeds Your Body Loves


In a week from now, my backyard will be a sea of bright yellow little flowers....and I love them. They remind me of being a little kid, of warm spring air and of playing

Dandelion Weeds Your Body Loves2019-05-09T15:40:12+00:00

Green Juicing for Thyroid Health and Clear Skin


I recently forced, okay convinced my husband that a 7 day cleanse was a good thing. The truth was...it was! We were feeling our too tight pants and my acid reflux was acting up

Green Juicing for Thyroid Health and Clear Skin2019-05-06T14:00:08+00:00

Do you have Good Bugs or Bad Bugs?


How confused are you about good bugs and bad bugs? The thought of bugs inside our bodies can make our skin begin to crawl...and I bet you're scratching right now.   Our bodies are

Do you have Good Bugs or Bad Bugs?2019-05-09T12:02:57+00:00